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Thursday, November 16, 2006
You're a pack of arseholes
Another classic blast-from-the-past from YouTube...

The 1992 Bathurst race ended in controversy when a downpour turned the racing surface into a slippery slide, causing a raft of crashes, including that of the lead car at the time, a Nissan Skyline driven by Jim Richards and Mark Skaife. The race was called off early, and victory given to Richards and Skaife, much to the displeasure of the Aussie crowd, who reserve their support almost exclusively for Holden or Ford cars.

Jim Richards, being a straight-talking kiwi bloke, responded to the crowd's jeers with this infamous outburst...
You're a bunch of arseholes!

Apparently this incident spurred on the creation of separate races for the V8 Supercars (V8 Ford and Holdens), and 2ltr Supertourer (everything else), the details of which can be seen over at Wikipedia. (The passion and feeling fans of motorsport have for these topics is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that something as relatively simple as the history of a race can be flagged as 'neutrality disputed' in the online encyclopedia).

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