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Monday, February 13, 2006
How to get our Podcast
UPDATED: people have been asking whether they can get the podcast without iTunes. The answer is, fortunately, yes. We have therefore updated this blog entry with further instructions on how to do it.

Tena Koutou. Just a quick note about how to get our podcasts:

How to Get our Podcast Using iTunes

If you want to manually subscribe to our feed (see below), instead of stumbling around the iTunes directory looking for us, follow these instructions.

1. Open iTunes
2. Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast
3. Put http://feeds.feedburner.com/dropkicks into the URL box.
4. Click OK, and you'll be away laughing.

How to Get our Podcast Using an RSS Client

If you don't have iTunes, don't fret. You can still subscribe to our podcast using your RSS client of choice. As the feedburner URL (mentioned in step 2 of the iTunes subscribe instructions above) is technically an RSS file, it should work in any RSS client. What you will see is dependent on the client, but in most instances you will see our name (The Dropkicks), our description and a link to the mp3 file.

How to Get our Podcast Using a Web Browser

If you think RSS stands for Repetitive Stress Syndrome (what you get reading technical stuff like this), then again, don't fret. You can still get our podcast. The beauty of iTunes and other RSS clients is that they will let you know when a new podcast is available. Otherwise you have to hunt it out yourself. Fortunately, hunting it out is not too painful. There are two (probably more) options:

(1) Check back to this blog every now and again. We will put links to all of our podcasts in the Our Podcasts post (the latest one will be at the top of the list).

(2) Using your browser, point it to http://feeds.feedburner.com/dropkicks (and bookmark, if you feel that way inclined). What you will probably see is a lot of gooble-de-gook. However, there's no need to get all glaze-eyed: just look (with your eyes or do a word search, usually control-F) for "<link>" (if you do a word search you probably don't need to include the pointy bracket things, but it is best you do). The first <link> you'll find will (or should) find has the phrase "http://dropkicks.blogspot.com/" directly after it. Ignore that one, that just tells iTunes and RSS clients about our wonderful blog here. Search again and you should find a second <link>, this time with another great big long web address in it, which will end in .mp3. This is the file you want. Just copy the entire web address (with the .mp3 on the end) into the address bar of your browser, hit enter, and your world will be full of downloady mp3 goodness. Note that it is always the second <link> you want, this will always be our most recent podcast.

We are aiming for podcasts of about 30 minutes in length (probably about 15 to 20MB in filesize). The first podcast we did we kinda went over this - it is 1 hour and 3 minutes long and 29MB big. Be thankful, however. We chopped it down from 1 hour and 45 minutes. Be kind to us, we're only just learning how to do all of this.

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