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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Willie Mason - Dick of the Year?
Ah yes, it wouldn't be a sporting week without some new piece of idiocy from everyones favourite kiwi-born Aussie league A.D.D-affected doofus, Willie Mason, this time giving Britain's Stuart Fielden a punch that broke his nose and dropped the unlucky Brit to the ground like a bag of spuds during the Poms 23-12 win over the Aussies at Sydney on the 4th of November at Aussie Stadium in Sydney.

According to Willie Mason (via BBC quotes of the week) this was the provocation that caused the blow...
He said 'Come on you ******* Aussie ****'. I said '**** you, you Pommie ****wit'. He said 'Let's go, let's go, I will belt you, you Aussie T***'.
And, thanks to the magic of YouTube, here's two different television angles of the 'biff' for you...

End result: Mason banned for only one match and fined $5000.

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