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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Leon Washington - flipping the bird, or not.
leon washington flipping the bird. or not.As mentioned in the Episode 33 podcast, the 'controversial' Leon Washington sports trading card. The Washington Post picks up the story...
A Bowman "Signs of the Future" autographed card, issued by The Topps Co. Inc., features a photo of Washington from the waist up in his green Jets jersey with his arms folded across his chest -- and appearing to make obscene gestures with each hand.

Washington said yesterday that there was nothing naughty about the photo, which was taken during a shoot with Topps a few months ago. He said he was making an "E" with both hands to honor his home town, but some fingers are hidden under his armpits.

"All it is is that I'm from the east side of Jacksonville -- that's my community," Washington said. "It looks funny, but maybe I should've taken the picture a different way. That's all it really is -- nothing more than that."

The apparent obscenity has increased the popularity of the card, which is fetching nearly $100 on eBay, and Topps is offering collectors the chance to return the card and receive another in its place after saying its release was an oversight by editors.

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  • From Sports Illustrated:

    Remember the Seinfeld episode "The Nip?'' Elaine has Kramer take her photo for a Christmas card portrait. Somehow a photo with slightly bare-breasted Benes makes the card, and it's sent to all of Elaine's friends and relatives. Much chagrin ensues, and a nickname is born. "Hey Nip,'' Elaine is called.

    Perhaps now we'll be calling Leon Washington "Bird.'' The Jets running back has a card in the 2006 Bowman rookie series that shows him, arms crossed, flipping the camera his two middle fingers. It's amazing enough that Washington did this -- he said he was trying to form the letter "E'' to honor his old Eastside neighborhood in Jacksonville -- but even more amazing that the photo got through the editing process at the card company.

    [This] actually could be the SI "This Week's Sign That the Apocalypse Is Upon Us'' because of what the following numbers say about us as a society. On eBay, you can bid against other bidders for an item, or you can find an item for significantly more and "buy it now,'' as the site says. As of Saturday, the Washington card was in auctions for around $100. The five highest "Buy it now'' prices were $299, $250, $250, $247.99 and $200.

    What a country.

    By Blogger Hadyn, at 8:42 AM, November 23, 2006  

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