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Saturday, October 28, 2006
Episode 29
After a small technical hitch this week where the completely wrong sound file was delivered to our outstanding editor and website maestro Noizy by that idiot Sideline Mike (who was taken out back and shot), Episode 29 (right click save as...) is now up for your aural pleasure.

Episode 29 (right click save as...). Good grief. Who would have thought we'd ever make it so far? Anyone still listening? Good. Because if you weren't, you'd miss all sorts of useful information, as well as the usual friendly banter (and name calling) between the Dropkicks and the all-important winner of the "Give Hadyn a Nickname" contest. As well as that you'd miss us discussing the All Black squad for their Northern Hemisphere tour; the Air New Zealand Cup final; the Meads and Lochore Cup finals; various other sports (mainly rugby); Dick of the Week; Athlete of the Week; Last Word; and some other other miscellaneous words and phrases that only sometimes make sense.

(Oh, and it's not Scotland the ABs play on their northern tour, it's Wales. Yes, we are incredibly stupid.)

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