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Friday, September 29, 2006
The Dropkicks Week 25 or thereabouts
Despite Blogger.com's best attempts to eat this post and stop you from listening to our wisdom, here it is...

Week 25 of the Dropkicks! (right click, save target as...)

Like a bad penny, the Dropkicks have returned. Very slightly new and overwhelmingly slightly improved, this week's features include: a slightly different format, a slightly different Sideline Mike (well, it's not Sideline Mike at all; it's Che "Triple T" Tibby) and a slightly different editor (slightly different in that it's a totally different person, but they are both human). See if you can tell the difference. Also we talk Air New Zealand Cup, International sport, Zorbing, the essence of sport and our first ever COMPETITION (with real honest to goodness prizes!). Good luck!

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