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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Season 2, Episode 6
Yet again, we have to offer even bigger apologies to Livs from England. We forgot to mention your email in the podcast this week again!

Dom makes it back this week (right click, save target/link as...) as we battle the worst Tri-Nations match in recorded history, drugs and power outages. The week we cover: the last Wallabies vs Springboks match; sports news, including the Air New Zealand Cup, Floyd Landis and yet more criminal ice skaters; another two minutes of madness, which isn't really two minutes, and is not that mad either; yet another of our patented Dick and Athlete of the Week; plus we don't look ahead to the next Tri-Nations match, because it is next week.

The Dropkicks - Week 23 (right click, save target as...) (yes, last week was named Week 21 by mistake.)

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