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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Goleo: Germany's Shame
Hi fans, we are still on a break but will be back next week so keep holding on.

I thought I would extrapolate on a topic we just glossed over a little while ago: Goleo. His full name is Goleo IV (I do not know what happened to Goleos I through III). Goleo is described as "combining the looks of Lothar Matthäus, the elegance of Diego Maradona and the all-round ability of Oliver Bierhoff".

He is a lion, which is the national symbol of English Football. Actually the English have three lions so maybe that accounts for Goleo I, II and III. German Foosball's is an Eagle. This means that sales of Goleo merchandise has been slow in Germany. That and his lack of pants worries people (a shirt and boots but no pants, hmmmm).

Here are some photos:

Goleo's out of the box!

Goleo holds co-mascot Pille, who is an animatronic football. Neither mascot wears pants.

Goleo flanked by members of the German fetish community

While Heidi Klum is distracted by Pille, Goleo peeks down her top.

Children scatter as Goleo goes on a bloodthirsty rampage. Proving once again that even tame animals can still be dangerous.

A drunken Goleo ruins this couples' photo with Pille

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