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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Doing Our Job
Livs (who we can now confirm IS English) has been in touch again and once again has done our work for us. She sent through an image of the Calcutta Cup and this:
The [British] Army had a hand in the conception of the Calcutta Cup, the oldest trophy in the history of international rugby. It began with the 3rd (East Kent) Regiment (The Buffs) and the 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) who were both great supporters of the Calcutta Rugby Club and were very active in establishing rugby in India.

However, after 1876 due to the posting The Buffs’ enthusiasm for rugby waned as did the club membership so in 1878 the club reluctantly disbanded, but its committee decided that after finding 270 silver Indian rupees in the kitty, that they would melt them down and make a cup, with three cobras as handles and an elephant adoring the lid - this was duly done and thus Calcutta Cup was born.

The committee was keen to perpetuate the name of the club and decided in 1879 to present their Calcutta Cup, to the Rugby Football Union on the proviso that it should be competed for annually by England and Scotland. The Cup was first competed for on 10th March 1879 - the match, at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh ended in a 3 all draw.

The following year on 28 February 1880 England became the first winners of the Calcutta Cup when they defeated Scotland by 2 goals & 3 tries to 1 goal at Manchester.

Good work Livs!

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