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Monday, February 13, 2006
Week One in Review - A Sporting Glut
Keep an eye out for our second podcast which will be appearing later this week. The first one was a roaring success. So far, it has been downloaded four times: twice by members of the Dropkicks, and twice by people unknown. All those radio stations and podcasts that joke about their listenership comprising of one or two people: huh, we know you are lying. We are not. We really do only have a listenership of two. In your face.

So, those two of you who did listen to the podcast will know that we made a number of predictions concerning the sport over the weekend. In summary:

Super 14
- We predicted the Hurricanes would beat the Blues: correct. The Hurricanes won away 37 points to 19 on the back of a 34 points to 3 advantage in the second half. Huge. Just huge.
- We predicted the Brumbies would beat the Force: correct. The Brumbies prevailed away by 25 points to 10. A large crowd at Subiaco Oval, as Perth had hoped, but the Force will need more than that to win a game this year.
- We predicted the Bulls would beat the Cheetahs: correct. Bulls by 30 points to 18, again away from home. We sense a theme developing. Like the Western Force, the new boys found the step up a bit too large.
- We predicted the Crusaders would beat the Highlanders: correct. Crusaders won by 38 points to 15. A bit of controversy in the non-awarding of a penalty try to the Highlanders which may have made the game closer, but lets face it, these are the Crusaders. If they can't beat you, they buy your best players and then they beat you.
- We predicted the Waratahs would beat the Reds: correct. Yawwwwn. Waratahs 16, Reds 12. Better than sleeping pills.
- we predicted the Stormers would beat the Cats: correct. Not knowing much about the Stormers or the Cats so far this year, we will just say...look into our eyes, look into our eyes...you will believe that we knew what we were talking about when we made this prediction. We even predicted the correct score (23 points to 12). If we are ever wrong, it is your fault, not ours...three, two, one, and...
- We predicted the Chiefs would beat the Sharks: incorrect. Obviously the universe slipped out of cosmic alignment for that game. It must have been seriously out of whack: Lord Percy "Montgomery" Percy scored 25 points. We therefore cannot be held responsible for the result (Sharks 30, Chiefs 21). We know we are right, and should the universe bump back on to the correct timeline, we'll be able to prove it. Until then, you'll just have to take our word for it.
Pick percentage for the Super 14 is therefore (a grudging) 86%.

Six Nations
- We predicted England would beat Italy: correct. Who really cares?
- We predicted France would beat Ireland: correct. Who really cares?
- We predicted Scotland would beat Wales: incorrect. Again, who really, really cares?
Pick percentage for the Six Nations is therefore 66%. Like we care.

Winter Olympics
- We predicted no one would care about them: correct. People playing in the snow. Good luck to them.
Pick percentage for the Winter Olympics is therefore 100%.

- We made no predictions: correct.
Pick percentage for cricket is therefore 100%.

Not bad if we do say so ourselves. Which we do. So enough of what was, here is what will be. Coming up in the next podcast:

A review of Week 1 of the Super 14
Basically what was said above, but with more buffoonery.

A review of other sport
Yada yada.

A preview of Week 2 of the Super 14
- the Highlanders take on the Blues at the House of Pain. Both teams looking to bounce back.
- the Chiefs continue their roadtrip in the republic, this time taking on the Cats in Jo'burg. Another battle of first round losers.
- the Brumbies make their way to South Africa to play the Bulls.
- the Hurricanes are at one of their homes (New Plymouth) to the Force, who will need all of their Jedi mind tricks to even come close.
- the Reds take on the Crusaders in Brisbane.
- the Sharks and Cheetahs do battle in Durban.
- the Stormers host the Waratahs in Cape Town.

Anything else we feel like throwing in
Not the towel. Not just yet.

Oh, and we almost forgot, the Dropkicks are currently on 39 points in the Virtual Super 14. We are 13,117th out of 129,271. We're starting off slowly so as not to make the rest of you feel inadequate. Add us to "Your Mates" if you're playing and want to feel humiliated by our high-powered rugby intellects.

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