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Monday, February 27, 2006
Athletes of the Week
This page will be our archive of our "Athletes of the Week"

Week 1: Epiphanny Prince

Epiphanny Prince of Murry Bergtraum High School scored 113 points in a game Wednesday, breaking a girls' national prep record previously held by Hall of Famer Cheryl Miller.

Week 2: Richard “Dick” Cheney

US Vice President Dick Cheney shot Henry Wittington in the face while on a quail hunt. Ranch owner Katharine Armstrong said Mr Cheney had turned round to shoot at a bird, unaware that Mr Whittington was behind him. "The covey flushed and the vice-president picked out a bird and was following it and shot. And by God, Harry was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty good," she said.

Week 3: Jonathon “Fatal1ty” Wendel

Jonathon “Fatal1ty” Wendel (note the “1” in Fatal1ty) just took out the Painkiller tournament in Sweden. Wendel is part of the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) Tour and made roughly USD$200,000 last year. At 24 years old Wendel is known as the “Tiger Woods of professional gaming”.

He is currently single.

Week 4: Jason McElwain

Jason McElwain is a student at Greece Athena Highschool and is the assissant coach and manager of the schools basketball team. He is incredibly passionate about the sport. He also has autism. In the team's last game of the regular season the coach let him "suit up". With roughly four minutes remaining in the game. The coach stands up and points at young Jase and in he goes. His first shot is a gigantic airball, his second also misses. Then he sinks a giant 3-pointer. Then another. And another. He keeps firing and sinking until at the end of the game he sinks a buzzer beater to get 20 points in four minutes (5 points per minute). The crowd has at near riot levels and when the clock showed all zeroes Jason was swept onto their shoulders and carried from the court.

Awesome. (See the video of Jason's feat here)

Week 5: George Bush Jr.

The big W visited Pakistan recently. During his visit he met the Pakistani cricket team and, after speaking to captain Inzamam-ul-Haq, gave the game a go. After correcting his baseball stance Inzamam bowled him a few balls. George managed to belt the first one, so ul-Haq bowled him a googly which actually hit the president on the shoulder. Lucky for the captain they were using tennis balls. George stared him down and then smacked the next ball as well.

Condoleeza Rice was a close runner-up for her new exercise regime that she has exposed to the world.

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